Friday, November 14, 2008

A Handmade Christmas

Photo courtesy of Christmas at Biltmore

There is something special about giving handmade gifts at Christmas. So much of the Christmas holiday is commercialized to the point of forgetting the reason we're celebrating in the first place. Handmade gifts are personal and thoughtful. You put so much of yourself into something handmade, whether you make it yourself or take the time find that something special. It embodies the true spirit of giving. My personal goal this year is to give all handmade gifts (some handmade by me and some by others....I'm good, but not that good).

For the crafty among us, you probably have plenty of ideas for gift giving this year - delectable baked goods, sweet treats, personal Christmas cards and letters, handmade ornaments, jewelry, stationary....All are wonderful ways to remember the special people in our lives.

For those less crafty, fret not. I'm planning on featuring some of my favorite handmade finds to help you with your shopping. Some from Etsy, some friends, and some recipes....all because I love you.

Stay tuned....good stuff to come, I promise.

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