Sunday, March 1, 2009

Preview Pictures

So the last post was apparently a little mean. All this talk about new stuff without any pictures, what was I thinking?!? As always, if you see something you can't live without or want to give as a gift, just let me know and it's yours before it even hits the Etsy shop. I will be adding some tonight, though, so speak up!

Without further ado...

Coyote Blue Coasters (set of 4)

Kiwi Coasters (a more subdued design kiwi green and blue- set of 4 coasters)

Square Lace Plate in Coyote Blue

And another plate (both 7 inches square)

Love this Leaf Plate, forest green with the tips done in sunflower yellow and fire red. It's slightly deeper in the center like a candy dish and oh, so lovely!

More spoon rests, although there are two in the shop right now, so you may not see these there just yet. Let me know if you see a color you want, though.

A LARGE spring green and forest green bowl. 8 inches across and a good 3 inches deep

A large, deep bowl in oxblood red and ash on the rim

An abstract square shaped bowl in coyote blue (it will be in the "seconds" due to a small crack in the rim)

Love. Love. Love. Our Fluted Shell Plate in coyote blue.

An abstract lace pattern in coyote blue.
It's a small candy dish size, about 1 1/2 inches deep.
Small carved bowl in blackbird blue and cobalt blue

A new glaze called shino- an earthy brown, rusty red color.
This is a wide shallow bowl.

A wide shallow rim bowl in oxblood red and shiga.
Carved Rim Plate (this time with a green center!)
Scalloped bowl in cobalt and blackbird blue

We're working on our next giveaway, also! Stay tuned.

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Fostering Creativity said...

Wow I love so many of these items that I can't decide which ones I want!!!