Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Colors: Castile

We are in the middle of our first year of Stone Lotus Pottery and are amazed at how much has changed since just last October! Like many artists, we find ourselves inspired by the changing seasons and how the beauty of creation can be seen all around us. Our glazes and color palette are one way to express this change, so here is our first spring color feature.

Castile is unique glaze as it takes on new life depending on the base color underneath. It is a pale blue, almost a robin's egg blue and the subtle texture it provides is a beautiful way to brighten and highlight otherwise darker colors.
Two interesting combinations featured in the shop are castile combined with forest green and castile combined with black. The robin's egg blue highlight is just what these darker colors need to give them the pop of color for spring and summer entertaining.

The forest green and castile combination creates a beautiful turquoise color, almost a peacock blue teal with loads of texture and interest.

updated: just sold Monday morning!

Castile combined with black is a very modern and graphic contrasting combination. The castile takes on a true robin's egg blue over the inky black.

black and castile pedestal dish (click the link to see the pedestal base in other pictures)

And this one sold in hours of posting to the shop, but for those that missed it we had to share. We love the abstract shape of this large platter, so we may bring it back in another color at some point, but you can really see the pale blue highlights on this piece.

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