Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Colors: Oasis Blue

Experimenting with new glaze colors is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the design process for Mom. I even get input, too! One of our latest is Oasis. On its own, it is certainly beautiful, but we have found layering it with forest green creates the most beautiful oceanic lagoon blue color.

There are several items in the shop highlighting this beautiful summer color.

set of 3 dipping bowls

shell plate
(we added a little white to this one and at my request, we are doing some solid white pieces soon...can't wait to show you those!)

And here is where it all began. This ruffle bowl was glazed in a progression of blues to greens....starting with oasis at the base, then forest green, then spring green. The result of combining forest green and oasis was a beautiful surprise!

one final teaser...a scroll stamped trivet in oasis on its way into the shop later this week.

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Fostering Creativity said...

I love the scroll pattern... does that come in a sold white piece??