Friday, November 26, 2010


My blackberry was dinging like crazy from the sales last night, so we restocked several items for the rest of the shopping weekend - mini vases, business card holders, deviled egg plates, and the new ring holders.

More deviled egg plates...

Just added these adorable ring dishes in red, blue, and chowder.

business card holders

Last but not least, a few more of those adorable mini vases


Laurel said...

I love the red egg plate and the blue circle pendent. Am in the mood to Christmas shop. I also like the ring dish. What is it's size? Where do I go for prices?
New to your blog. Have browsed before but never commented or took a lot of time to think on buying.
Get back to me.

Laurel Bayless said...

I just did the shopping and figured out how to get the size and price and all the information I needed. Loved the Friday20 discount. May shop some more in the future! I feel stupid for asking questions before I did my homework! Silly for a retired teacher! Christmas shopping made easy.