Thursday, October 30, 2008

Out and About

We'll be out of town this weekend, starting tonight, for a wedding. But I promise lots of new goodies when we return. For now, check out the beauties we have in stock and don't shed too many tears for the loss of this gem this morning. Someone is doing a little early Christmas shopping....more power to her!

It's also right in line with my personal goal this give all handmade gifts to family and friends. Not necessarily all handmade by me, but I want to support other small businesses and Etsy shops just like ours. Start thinking about your own gift lists this year. Handmade gifts are thoughtful and one of a kind. Whether you bake, craft, shop on Etsy or other small boutiques, or even send personalized Christmas cards to special friends and family, a handmade gift will be something truly special.

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Fostering Creativity said...

I love the thought of handmade! I am going to try it a little (I can't promise it will be all of my gifts as I purchased some after Christmas last year already that are not handmade!) I will though, be buying some of your pottery for Christmas/Birthday gifts coming up!

And all of you stone lotus pottery readers out there check out my stationery!

Do what Jeanette says, send handmade Christmas cards, I can help you with that! :-)