Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Welcome to first time vistors from The Nesting Place! Thanks for stopping by.

The Nester was kind enough to create a place for all of her readers to link to their "handmade" businesses and for all of us to find new and wonderful places to shop for the holidays. Her slogan..."Buy from real Moms this year, not robots!" While I'm not a mom, my mother definitely is and since we're in this thing only seems right!

Stone Lotus Pottery is a mother daughter team creating wearable and functional art. We are both creative souls who needed an artistic outlet, so Stone Lotus Pottery was born. The extra time together is just an added bonus : )

We opened our Etsy shop just about a week ago and had our first sale on Sunday! Check out our shop and see what inspires you. We find that pottery is such a unique medium in that it has a way of speaking to people in different ways. The colors and patterns, the texture and the shape, are all a part of its unique nature. It is organic and elegant at the same time and we hope you enjoy our creations.

Click the shop link on the right to see our Etsy shop. You can read more about us in our Profile or just scroll down for our latest additions to the shop. Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

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