Sunday, February 8, 2009

Giveway Update

ETA: And the coyote blue bowl flew out the door last night! I knew that was was just so unique. So it goes with pottery, it's all one of a kind in some way or another, but I'm sure we'll try something like that again. We promise : )

For Patty, of course family is still eligible, you are some of our best customers, so it only seems fair. That, and you are family and also a friend, and then some of our friends are as close as family. The line gets a little blurred : )

And Melanie bought the spring green plate last night, so it's gone! All of these glazes came from a special class in January, so it might be a little bit before we see more in the shop. But it looks like coyote blue and spring green are a must have in the future. Mom might have a few more pieces that came out of the last firing of her January class, but I'm not sure. For February, she's back at Jeffcoat so we should see more red then.

I'm out of town for the weekend, but look for the rest of those preview items including the spoonrests to get in the shop early this week.

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