Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Firing

I am about a week and a half late in posting this, but forgive me....I was on vacation : ) As you all know, Mom's new garage studio just got a little bit hotter with the addition of a brand new kiln!

She did her first bisque firing and had great success (we showed you those pictures in our first post about the new kiln here). It took almost a full 24 hours (if I remember correctly) to get up to temperature and then slowly cool back down to 100 degrees. See our post on bisque firing for more details on that process.

But if I thought she was excited about the bisque firing, the glaze firing was like Christmas morning. Glaze firing gets even hotter so it took close to a day and a half to get up to temp and cool back down before they could open the lid. The suspense was killing her! But it was worth it. Check out what they found....

Top layer
(new white plates!)

middle layer
(new aqua teal color...loving it...can't remember the name right now, forgive me)

bottom layer
(coasters and jewelry...will have some new rings, button earrings - both clip and post)

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Fostering Creativity said...

Very cool to see them in the kiln and coming out! I can't believe your mom took the time to take the pictures if she was that excited! Kudos! :-) Oh and love the white stuff!