Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Kiln

Don't forget our giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow! Last chance to enter to win a $20 gift certificate to our shop. See this post. And maybe we have another surprise up our sleeve for tomorrow as well : )

On to the good stuff...

More than a few months in the making, but Stone Lotus Pottery officially has its own kiln and the beginnings of its own garage studio!!!

Mom and Dad are painting contractors, so their oversized two-car garage has always been home to a fair share of paint, supplies, and large equipment in addition to what everyone else stores in their garages. Earlier this summer, Dad built a new shed on the back of the garage and moved all the painting supplies into it.

All make room for this!

The Stone Lotus Pottery studio is well on its way with a brand new kiln and a cleaned out garage ready for new shelving and storage for all of Mom's clay, glaze, tools, and of course all that pottery in various stages of production! I'll post more pictures as they send them to me, but I hear the studio is really coming together.

And here are a few layers of our very first bisque firing in the new kiln. This is the first firing to get a piece ready for glazing : )

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