Sunday, June 28, 2009

Behind the Wheel: Handbuilt Pottery

In our last post I briefly mentioned handbuilt pottery. This name refers to a large variety of pottery that is created by hand and not thrown on the wheel. Sometimes the clay is rolled out flat and then molded into a form or stamped with a design. Other times the clay is rolled into long thin pieces and coiled, rolled, and pieced together to make a freeform piece.

clay molded to a bowl we found at the beach house the other week : )
a similar idea shown in our freeform bowl in the shop
a handbuilt bowl made by one of mom's classmates

Some of our plates are wheel thrown, but others with intricate patterns or specific designs are hand built using molds.

lagoon blue plate

pistachio deviled egg plate

Our coasters and trivets are also hand built.

gunmetal coasters

And of course our jewelry is hand built using carving tools, stamps and various designs.

limeade ring

Next up a look at glazing...

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