Saturday, June 13, 2009

Berry Bowls and Beach Pottery

We may have been on vacation this week, but it doesn't stop us from listing a few new pieces to tide you all over. Check out the latest added to the shop that will have you ready for summer.

We're very excited about adding berry bowls to the summer line! Mom gave me one for my birthday two years ago and it sits on our counter to this day. These little cuties are definitely a part of the story of how we started Stone Lotus Pottery....enjoy!

your first taste of a little purple (grape)

spring green ruffle bowl
forest green and castile serving bowl

We are packing up to head home, but first need to stop at the studio to pick up the latest items coming out of the kiln.....a sneak peek at some jewelry that should be in the mix. I know it's unglazed and sitting on boards while it's drying, but I can't help it...just a little too excited about introducing rings into our line.

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Janet Burgess said...

Dear Jill and Jeanette,
I just took the tour of your pottery shop and am so impressed. I'm assuming it is in Greenville. Now, sometime I would like to see it in person! I love all of the new pieces--dishes and jewelry--for your "summer line." I am again so impressed with Jill's creativity and am so glad that she is using her artistic ability to bring joy to the rest of us. By the way, I was very pleased and with the shopping Elizabeth did (thanks, Jeanette, for your help) for Mother's Day and was so surprised when I received the gift in the mail. Just today I put fresh cherries in the bowl and put it in the center of our kitchen table. Thanks for all you are doing.
Luv ya both,
Janet Burgess