Monday, June 15, 2009

Behind the Wheel: The Studio

We thought it was about time for a look at the backstage side of Stone Lotus Pottery -a true behind the wheel experience if you'll pardon the pun. Working with my mom certainly gave me an education in exactly how a piece of clay becomes a glazed piece of art.

Over the next few posts, we thought it would be fun to show you the many steps from clay to art, but first we thought you should see the studio where much of it happens. (To be fair, much also happens in my mom's garage, but you'll see more of that in the next few posts.)

Sunset River Gallery
the studio that is also a very cool eclectic gallery! all of our pottery is fired here while we are working on getting our own kiln to go with mom's wheel in the garage : )
love the inspiration wall in the studio

tools, stamps, odds and ends

after a piece is thrown (more on all these stages in the next few posts), the first step is to air dry and become "green ware"

once dry, it gets fired once to become "bisque ware"

then it is glazed

here are all the glaze samples hanging in the studio

and in buckets

and here are a few pieces glazed (some people dip like the samples shown here, but mom is a sprayer and we'll have pictures of all that to come)

and finally it gets fired a second and last time (at several 1000 degrees) to become beautiful glazed pottery

Ready for the final product? Check out our shop and stay tuned for more sneak peeks into our process!


aunt patty said...

Nicely written, wonderfully explained, and exciting to those of us who are not so skilled. Impressed as always! Keep it up. It's a wonderful gift.

Fostering Creativity said...

Very cool... can't wait for the rest!